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the beginning.

canada 2003. it is winter, and bitterly cold. a blizzard had hit the nothern parts, just below the mountains, and snow swirled violently in circles, from the darkened skies. the sound of the wind whistling through the violently swaying pine trees was blatantly audable, as well as the sounds of house shutters banging and the creaking of tree trunks. a young girl walked through this horrific weather, a giant fur wrap coiled around her body. thankfully her fiance was so large..
she trudged through the blizzard, her fluffy fox tail caked in ice, and her ears had gathered tiny icicles on them. her eyebrows had collected tiny ice crystals, and her cheeks glowed red. her feet were wet, and she was bitterly cold and tired. she didnt have far now until she got home, where her handsome man would be waiting for her in that wonderous warm mansion, with the dogs. she chuckled, only to get a lips full of hard hitting snow.

an hour passed, and by now, her feet was so frostbitten she could barely move. her eyes were hardly open, and even her delicate lashes were dusted in ice. she cast her almost dilerious gaze to the HUGE black wraught iron gates before her mansion, and barged them, swinging them open regardless of the snow. she fell right over because of it. almost unconcious, she finally reached the huge front wooden doors, where she raised an awfully heavy fist to pound on her door. she could feel the heat seeping form under the door, and a set of heavy footsteps appraoching it. she flopped over onto her front, when the door opened, causing snow and ice to swirl and dance into the main hall. she looked up, seeing her lovers wonderful face................................................
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