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so hot ya'll spontaneously combust!

kill the children...then eat their remains, sugah!

emma "vulpex" creed
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hey. ah'm vulpex, n this is mah own personal little rp board fer all you lil guys out there. so, if ya like rping x-men, are violent, romantic and passionate, grab yerself a character and come on in! originals and fan created are both welcome, and the more the merrier! only a few rules apply..

1) nice, long, detailed posts that get to the point. ah hate dilly-dalliers who watse time beatin about the bush.

2) be as free as ya like. x-rated, violence, everything is valid here. but just keep yer hands off mah victor *holds up claws* ¬¬

3) no fuckin godmodin'! sure, ah'm an immortal demon n all, but even -i- have weaknesses. nobody is all powerful without flaws. godmoders aint welcome here. fuck off. ;p

4) finally, have as much fun as ya can. ah didnt put this here for the hell of it. ah put it here to give me, and you guys some enjoyment. post often, and plentiful. thankya darlin's.

a lust for blood
a thirst for fear
a killer holds no bounderies here
demonic venture through and through
she'll come for yu and your children too
seductress of man
enchantress of girl
she'll pull you into her insane world
use you for passion, toss you aside,
leave you to die with a smile wide.
her cold kiss of death will wing you away
you wont see the light of another day
beware her fury, beware her lust
she'll take your dignity, passion and trust.
her beautiful voice is a deadly song
her eyes of black, her hair of long...
a killer she is, a repenter not..
she'll seduce you and love you then leave you to rot.
while making love to her you;ll feel...
the blood being drained as your thoughts reel
for an escape from her beautiful thread...
but before you can find it, your already dead!